End-to-End Recruitment for Niche-Skilled IT Talent in India

With the implementation of an enterprise RPO solution, KellyOCG® helps U.S. insurance agency fulfill extremely niche IT hiring needs in India.

October 12, 2018

Despite India’s abundance of skilled IT talent, sourcing for extremely niche-skilled IT professionals in the region can be an extremely challenging feat. Not only are these candidates difficult to find, but they’re also more costly and time consuming to hire—often requiring multiple rounds of interviews and larger salaries.

An insurance agency headquartered in the U.S. was faced with this precise challenge, and needed to fill 250 “niche” and “super niche” roles at its India-based IT Centre. To source these difficult-to-find candidates, the agency engaged KellyOCG.

The Company

A leading American insurance company opened its global in-house IT Centre in Bangalore, India in 2012.

The Challenge

The company needed to hire 250 professionals with extremely niche skillsets. Due to the complexity of the roles, the in-house talent acquisition team required additional support.

The Solution

Initially, the company partnered with KellyOCG as a sourcing provider for niche-skilled candidates, but over time, we expanded our engagement to a complete enterprise RPO.

The Result

To date, we’ve filled 107 “niche” and “super niche” roles with an average time to close of 30 days. We continue to exceed SLAs and have begun recruiting for even more critical roles within the organisation.

Our Value

  • Niche IT talent sourcing
  • End-to-end recruitment support
  • Value-added services and cost savings
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