Q3 2017

Global Talent Market Quarterly

World economic growth is projected to reach 3% in 2017, buoyed by a number of positive factors including: modest performances across North America, the Eurozone and many other key economies; the gradual emergence of Russia and Brazil from recession; and ongoing high growth in India and China. Despite the relatively favorable outlooks, geopolitical risks ranging from Brexit complications to potential trade wars and beyond have the potential to derail the steady global growth engine.

Are robots going to make workers obsolete? Over the past several decades, many routine tasks have been taken over by automation, reducing or even eliminating the need for workers to perform them. And as innovation continues at a rapid-fire pace, automation has again become a hot-button issue that is poised to affect workplaces worldwide. As a result, employees, managers, and policymakers alike are increasingly looking to understand and adapt to technological change in the workforce.

MSP clients today face a dynamic talent marketplace, with challenges ranging from skilled labor shortages to a multiplicity of worker types to evolving technologies. While the value proposition of traditional MSPs centered on cost reduction and creating efficiencies, next-generation MSPs are being tasked to provide a broader, more strategic range of solutions.

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