Talent Acquisition 2019

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Landscape

At a time when businesses are being re-defined to adapt to Industry 4.0, there’s widespread recognition of the fact that the right talent is key to navigate the future. The recruitment function has evolved into a highly nuanced and meticulously run function with the support of modern HR technology and frameworks.

This renewed focus on identifying and acquiring the right talent has led to the rise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPOs. Reports show a marked growth of the RPO sector globally, with RPO partners navigating different labour markets, the growth of the RPO market has averaged 15 percent over the past few years.

People Matters-KellyOCG Study on Talent Acquisition 2019: The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Landscape shows the key changes in recruitment priorities and methodologies in India. These insights help chart the growing RPO landscape in India and assist you in deciding the right recruitment options to meet your business objectives.

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