2018 IAOP Awards Celebrate KellyOCG’s Evolution: Why That’s No Longer Enough

March 14, 2019

Awards do more than offer a look back at great performance; they also help shape what’s next for an industry by spotlighting the shifts that are driving innovation and raising the bar for all. That’s why I’m especially pleased that IAOP® has named KellyOCG among The Best of the Global Outsourcing 100 in its recognition of outsourcing leaders’ accomplishments over the past decade. It’s not only a celebration of the important work Kelly teams have done over the years, but also a call to action for how our industry needs to change in order to keep delivering outsourcing solutions that serve our clients and talent well in the future.

At KellyOCG, we’re doubling down on that future and helping our stakeholders do the same. We believe it’s time to ditch the script on outdated ways of thinking about procuring talent and replace old ideologies with a future-ready framework that reflects the new ways people and work connect.

It’s a necessary shift that has been building for more than a decade. Outsourcing has changed significantly since IAOP’s first award in 2009, when buyers were laser focused on driving cost out of contingent labor programs, and talent supply/demand dynamics were still reeling from the Great Recession. Unprecedented rapid-fire changes in technology are now disrupting talent supply chains. Thousands of human cloud platforms have emerged, offering a dizzying array of options for procuring talent across all skill sets. Service delivery models have become more collaborative, as outsourcing partners offer everything from automation and digital transformation to global business services and shared services. Access to talent – for many years considered secondary to cost savings—is moving front and center as in-demand workers embrace the gig economy and outsourcing arrangements that let them bring their skills to market in new ways. 

Buyers now stand at a crossroads where the outsourcing levers they’ve pulled in the past no longer ensure future success. While the past decade has included important milestones worthy of celebration, the work that lies ahead has fresh urgency. Today’s outsourcing market requires more than a slow and steady evolution. It demands a revolution.

The good news is that amidst the chaos we have the opportunity to define what’s next for our industry and those we serve and create a better future for all as a result. Limited thinking can be stripped away and replaced with a broader view. Businesses can unlock the value of new talent strategies by embracing innovative outsourcing solutions that transform recruiting, retention, and development using everything from artificial intelligence to chatbots to deep analytics. Outsourcing solution providers can forge new partnerships with public and private talent communities, leveraging alternate delivery models that create access to untapped populations and in-demand skills. HR leaders can reclaim and redefine the talent experience to champion the millions of independent workers, freelancers, and consultants who choose to apply their skills outside of traditional “permanent” roles.

The future is limitless for those willing to ditch the script and replace it with forward-thinking approaches to outsourcing. Liberated from the status quo, companies and talent alike can be free to pursue new possibilities that may have been unimaginable yesterday. I’m honored that IAOP is celebrating KellyOCG’s leading role in this revolution, and I’m excited about the changes we’ll drive in the decade ahead. Join us in defining what’s next.

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