The Human Cloud: Where Do We Go From Here?

Exploring the next steps for connecting with the growing pool of specialized talent.

October 23, 2018

In the run-up to this year’s CWS Summit North America, I spoke about the growing importance of the human cloud as a source for key talent. The diversity and depth of this talent pool. How it was a talent stream that no organization (big or small) could afford to ignore. Now, after spending time connecting with industry colleagues and thought leaders in Dallas, I wanted to reflect: you may know that you need it, but how do you harness the human cloud for maximum impact to your business?

Cloud Platforms Deserve Their Own Channel

You can try and lump human cloud platforms into your MSP via your current VMS. You can try to make them bend to traditional talent models. You might even make it stick for a little while. But you will end up with a clumsy and ineffective solution. These platforms require their own dedicated channel or buyer stream to represent the distinct value they bring. It’s the only way to truly leverage the specialized talent opportunities they offer. This doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain many of the same visibility, efficiencies, and data insights that you can from more recognizable models, but it does mean that you have to think about how to harness these platforms and their offerings in a different way. I have seen human cloud platforms buried in MSP/VMS legacy behavior.  Requisitions misaligned to specific talent cloud platforms.  Hiring manager frustration.  It kills the potential value they can offer and, from conversations I had at the CWS Summit, it seems many organizations have felt this pain.  

Human Cloud Providers Offer Highly Specialized Skillsets

Each human cloud platform offers a specialized value proposition. This offers a unique opportunity for organizations to tap into a deep well of experienced, high-quality and specialized talent. It also means companies will need to connect with a range of platforms to access required specialized skillsets that may not be found through traditional supplier channels. As talent experts, we have a responsibility to educate and guide our clients to the right talent platform at the right times and for the right skills. This is an area of specialization for KellyOCG. Our recent investment in Business Talent Group, the leading marketplace for on-demand consultants, experts, and executives, is helping us unlock the potential of the human cloud and to continue providing valuable insights and expertise to our clients.

So, what does this mean for businesses everywhere? The human cloud is here to stay. The Gig Economy is the new normal. And it’s a reality that all organizations need to embrace, fast. By learning how to harness human cloud platforms effectively, companies can drive future business strategy by engaging specialty talent now.

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