What’s Your Role in The Future of Talent?

Be part of something amazing at CWS Summit North America.

September 28, 2018

CWS Summit North America is just around the corner. It’s probably been in your calendar for months. You may even have packed your bag.  But have you taken a moment to think about what you are expecting to get out of those few days in Dallas?

When it comes to the sponsor sessions, are you expecting to be bombarded with old ideas wrapped in shiny new packaging? Or hear so many acronyms that your brain hurts? Are you really expecting to see anything that makes you really listen rather than just nod along politely? Hey, maybe you’ll get some decent swag and good food, so perhaps not all is lost…

Any of these thoughts sound familiar? The dirty little secret is that you’re not alone and that occasionally even the most enthusiastic talent professionals can get a little jaded. A little hardened to the repetitive presenters and pitches, and the same old, same old booths.

Here at KellyOCG, we are on a mission to #ditchthescript and do things differently.

On 2nd and 3rd October at our hospitality suite #1664, we are holding a ground-breaking What’s Next in Tech lab session that gives you the chance to make a tangible difference to the future of talent. Right now, we are using human centric design to develop a platform to change how you think about your talent supply chain. An offering, that we believe, will make visible a roadmap to the future of total talent management. It’s something that will be industry changing and we want your input on how to shape the final design.  

Our What’s Next Lab sessions are open to all CWS buyer delegates. Join John Healy and the KellyOCG team and make your voice heard. We believe you are one of the people who will shape the future of talent.

If you’re interested in helping to shape the future of talent and how #MSPs can contribute to the profound challenges facing labour markets around the world, you should also join the @WECglobal at @SIAGigE in developing a common voice from the #MSP industry. John is hosting this meeting, taking place on 5 October, 12-2PM, Greenville Ave Room #GigE2018.

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