Technology in the Talent Supply Chain

We’re invested in researching the threats and opportunities that technological advancements create within your talent supply chain.

July 08, 2017

Technological advancements are disrupting how organizations behave; how they secure revenue, drive operational efficiency, and engage their customer base; and how they attract, employ, manage, and retain talent. As a result, business leaders are compelled to understand the implications. Support functions like Finance, Procurement, and Human Resources are tasked with determining not only how technology will impact their organizations’ current and future talent needs, but also with integrating new tools and technologies into their talent supply chain processes in a way that best supports their business strategies.

Easier said than done!

That’s why at KellyOCG®, we’re heavily invested in researching the threats and opportunities that this disruption creates within your talent supply chain. We’re applying our findings to help our clients navigate the shifting talent landscape, unlock new forms of value, and co-create innovative solutions to solve the business problems of the future.

Our core mission has always been to connect talent to work in the most effective way. We do this by helping organizations optimize their talent supply chains. As a result of our work, business outcomes improve; the lives of employees, customers, and partners are enriched; and the local economy is positively impacted.

It’s our responsibility, therefore, to help our clients understand technology and its implications for their specific business strategies. That’s why regardless of how innovative and exciting a new technology is, it should always be evaluated against the drivers of cost, speed, quality, and compliance to determine whether it will help or hinder the desired outcome.

To learn more, download our white paper “Technology in the Talent Supply Chain: Exploring the Disruptive Impact of Technology in the Talent Supply Chain.

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