Nathan Goh

Nathan Goh

Manager, Global Solutions, APAC

As Manager of Global Solutions, Nathan executes strategic sales across APAC, challenging clients to rethink their talent strategy and devise optimal talent solutions that will propel their business to new heights. He adopts a client-centric approach to understand her clients’ needs and achieve their talent acquisition priorities by providing innovative and customised solutions through KellyOCG’s leading technologies and system.

Nathan is highly motivated and experienced in recruitment consulting, business development, and change management especially in the fields of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Contingent Workforce Outsourcing and Talent Advisory Services. Based in Singapore, Nathan engages a broad spectrum of companies in his current and previous portfolios that includes, banking and finance, insurance, consumer goods, business services and life science.

A reliable and enthusiastic professional, Nathan is committed to helping clients materialise their vision through bespoke and innovative talent solutions.

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